We want to support 222 math festivals in 2022, and we need YOUR help to make it happen! Register to host a festival in your community (online or in-person!) and we’ll send you a FREE math game. It’s our way of saying thank you for creating more magical math moments.

Why host a math festival?

A festival is way to celebrate the joy in math — and, let’s face it, we could all use more joy in 2022!

Festivals also provide magical math moments that stay with children long after they leave. Children experience a play-based approach to problem solving and critical thinking and build confidence through challenges that they conquer while surrounded by a supportive community.

Take it from 2021 festival host Sikimeti Ma’u:

There were kids who love math from all over the metropolitan area, and a lot more kids who hate math but who had been coerced by their parents into coming. The most amazing thing was that they ALL loved it, and ALL had a blast, and you couldn’t tell who was who.

The benefits of a math festival:

  • Agency: A math festival is a celebration of student independence. We provide a variety of activities and the freedom to choose
  • Engagement: We encourage students to “get their hands dirty” with our math games and puzzles. Tools include simple counters or large-scale floor mats that let students walk and jump through puzzles.
  • Collaboration: Children learn math with their parents and kids of other ages. Regardless of age, ethnicity, or background, everyone is there to celebrate math.

Learn more about how to host a math festival, and how it’s easier and more rewarding than you may think!

How to Get a Free Math Game

Thanks to our generous partner Math for Love, the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival will send a math game to 222 math festival hosts in 2022! Prime Climb and Multiplication by Heart are beautiful, colorful math games for kids to build their math skills while having fun. You can use the activity during your math festival, or save it for in-class lessons or family game nights!

Rules to Receive a Game:

  1. Register your math festival with us. Don’t forget to include your address so we know where to ship your game.
  2. Festivals can happen ANYWHERE in the world, but your festival must be in the U.S. to receive a game (sorry!).
  3. Only one game per person, even if you host multiple festivals in 2022.
  4. Only one game per school, even if multiple festivals occur at your school in 2022.
  5. Games are available while supplies last.