A math festival is a one-time event where children gather and explore math through puzzles. Our festivals are hosted by volunteers who want to connect the children in their community with a joyful math experience. We have all the resources you need to host a festival.

Man shows boy how to stack math cubes

Math festivals

Empower kids to choose their own path of discovery.
Provide kids with a variety of activities they will be eager to learn.
Everyone works together to celebrate math.

What It Takes to Host a Festival

In person or virtually over Zoom or Google Meet!
How much?
$0-500, depending on the size and types of activities you choose.
Prep time?
2-20 hours, depending on the festival model you choose.


Don’t forget to download our free DIY Festival Planner below.

Find a Venue

The first step to planning your math festival is to find a venue. 

The optimal math festival location is a large space with room for walking around, like an auditorium or cafeteria. You will also need easy access to multiple chairs; this is where students will engage in JRMF activities. It is also ideal to set aside some free space for our always-popular walking puzzles, which you can purchase from our store.

Register Your Event with Us

Once you have determined your venue, date and time, the next step is to register your festival with us.


We’ll review your information and approve the details. Then you will receive an email including the event web page for you to share with your network. We will also create a host-only attendee check-in page for you to see who has signed up to attend your event.

Recruit Volunteers

We recommend 1 volunteer for every 6 children.

These volunteers, or “activity leaders,” are a vital component of a math festival. These are the people who engage the children in the activities and guide their math exploration. A math background is great, but should not be a deciding factor in choosing activity leaders.

Rather, you want to ensure the people who volunteer enjoy working with children, are patient, and good at listening.

JRMF offers a variety of resources to help you recruit and train volunteers. Download our DIY Festival Planner for all the resources!

Choose the Math Activities

A math festival is a one-time event where children gather and explore math through puzzles. It’s the biggest math party around.Volunteers host our festivals. Anyone who wants to create joyful math for children is welcome to host one.

Market Your Festival

We make marketing your math festival as easy as 1, 2, 3. We provide the registration links, web page, attendee check-in, and marketing materials you’ll need to spread the word and excitement about your Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival.

Download our DIY math festival planner for all resources you’ll need.

Download our (free!) DIY Festival Planner