A Math Festival is a community event where students and families explore a variety of fun, hands-on, standards-aligned math puzzles and games.

A festival can take place during the school day, reaching every student in a school, or in the evening, as a Family Math night, giving parents an opportunity to explore problem-based math alongside their children.

Either way, we have all the resources you need to host a festival, including a free consultation to get you started!

Math festivals

Empower kids to choose their own path of discovery.
Show every student that they can have fun problem solving.
Work together to celebrate math.

What It Takes to Host a Festival

Math Festivals are hosted in big open spaces, like gyms and multipurpose rooms. Chairs and tables are provided by the festival host.
Math Festival volunteers come from your community and can be parents, teachers, high school students, middle school students, or even 4th and 5th graders.
The average Math Festival costs $800. We provide free DIY resources, kits and services for sale, and financial assistance to make your event affordable and stress-free.


Whether you want to purchase a math festival kit, hire JRMF to host your math festival, use our free DIY resources, or just chat about your upcoming event, we’re here to help. Start by requesting your free consultation today, and we’ll set you up with a meeting with one of our math festival experts.

Request a Free Consultation

JRMF offers a free, personal consultation for you while planning your math festival. We will share resources, help you plan a festival for your individual needs, and answer any questions you may have. We can help you anywhere in the world share the joy of math in whatever ways make the most sense for your community.


Download Free DIY Resources

Scroll down and enter your name and email to receive our free DIY Festival Planner. In this 13 page pdf, we share everything that we’ve learned about hosting math festivals over the past 15 years, including how to set up your venue, find volunteers, pick math activities, and do marketing and outreach.

Or check out a math puzzle today. All of our activities are freely available on our puzzles page and come with the resources you need to use them at home, in your classroom, or at your math festival. Here are some of our favorites that we recommend starting with:

  1. Cup Stacking
  2. Jumping Julia
  3. Magic Flowers
Register Your Math Festival with Us for Free

When you register your math festival with us, you’ll receive the following for free:

  1. A registration link that you can share with your attendees
  2. A custom url and webpage on our website that you can share with your attendees (example)

You’ll also help us measure our impact as an organization and join hundreds of other festival hosts around the world who are working together to share the joy of math. Even if you don’t use the free resources above, we highly encourage you to register your festival with us!


Hire JRMF to Host Your Math Festival

If you’re in Vancouver, Monterey, or the San Francisco Bay Area, you can hire one of our math festival experts to come out and host your math festival.

What we do:

  1. Bring all of the math activity supplies
  2. Lead a 1 hour volunteer training
  3. Host your math festival
  4. Setup and cleanup

What we need from you:

  1. A large open space (gym, multipurpose room, etc.) with tables and chairs/benches
  2. Volunteers from your community (parents, teachers, or older students)


  1. $800, with financial assistance available through our partners at CMC and Math Medic Foundation

If you’re interested in hiring JRMF to host your math festival, set up a free math festival consultation today.

Purchase a Math Festival in a Box

A Math Festival in a Box contains everything you need to host a math festival for over 100 students and their families. You’ll receive manipulatives, volunteer guides, and student handouts for 10 math activities, including:

  1. Apple Picking
  2. Cup Stacking
  3. Dice Bingo
  4. Domino Dissection
  5. Doodles
  6. Jumping Julia
  7. Magic Flowers
  8. Mosaics
  9. Skyscrapers
  10. Tile with Style

All materials are sorted, organized, and put in sleeve protectors and binders for your convenience.  Open the box and host a math festival right on the spot. Almost everything in the Math Festival in a Box is reusable, so that with a single purchase, you can host math festivals for many years to come.

Cost: $1500

For more information, visit our Math Festival in a Box webpage.

Apply for Financial Assistance

Need help funding your math festival? JRMF along with two of our partner organizations offer scholarships and grants to help make your event as affordable as possible:

  1. JRMF offers grants through its Math Festival Grant Fund. Any Title 1 school in Monterey or the San Francisco Bay Area is eligible to apply. If your school receives a Math Festival Grant, JRMF will cover 100% of the cost of hosting a math festival. A trained JRMF team member will bring all of the supplies to your school, set up, lead a volunteer training, and make sure your event runs as smoothly as possible. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.
  2. Math Medic Foundation offers a grant for school-wide initiatives, like math festivals, that support students’ math education. The next deadline for this grant is Apr 24, 2023 and applicants will be notified of decisions by May 19, 2023.
  3. CMC’s Student Activity Trust Fund offers a scholarship for school-wide organized math activities, including math festivals. CMC’s scholarship covers up to half the cost of a math festival, and applications for their scholarship are reviewed every January and September.

Download our (free!) DIY Festival Planner


Puzzles for Purchase

Buy our custom JRMF puzzles for joyful math IRL.

Kids hold up festival favors
Festival Favors
Table of math festival activities including handouts, number cards, and counters
Math Festival in a Box
Girl and older woman looking at a math handout
Festival Trainings