Math Anxiety is Real
Up to 93% of Americans experience math anxiety — and kids with a fear of math perform worse at the subject
Build Confidence
Open-ended activities allow kids to succeed early and build up to more challenges.
Inequalities Persist
Girls and students of color enter STEM and tech careers at a drastically lower rate.
Promote Inclusion
Girls and students of color get more out of math when they can express ideas, grapple with concepts and freely question tasks.
Math isn't Fun
School curricula focus on memorization and formulas, not problem solving and collaboration.
Inspire Joy
Happiness is positively associated with a person's personal drive to learn, and even
STEM Shortages Continue
The U.S. will be short 1.1 million STEM workers by 2024.
Encourage Play
Students often lack the skills needed for STEM careers. Play helps teach them the foundations.
Math is a Solo Sport
Math is often seen as an individual activity, one where you succeed and fail on your own
Create Community
Learning math is social, not individual. Working together allows teams to solve problems and develop soft skills.



What impact you can make:
makes one take-home math kit for a child
creates one puzzle station at a math festival
covers the cost of one math puzzle for an entire classroom
funds one class with take-home math kits
subsidizes one virtual classroom visit
covers the cost of an in-person teacher training
covers a teacher training and a math festival by JRMF staff
provides one full math festival in a box


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