The Math Festival Difference

The Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival hosts fun classroom events and math festivals, creates math puzzles, and trains educators how to inspire kids with joyful math.

Encouraging Play
Math doesn't need to be scary, hard or boring. Play gives students the opportunity to take charge of their learning, grow from their mistakes, and have fun at the same time.
Building Confidence
Show kids how to harness their own creativity with open-ended activities. Students will succeed early, engage deeply, and build up to more challenges — increasing their confidence in math.
Including Everyone
Competition in math can hurt learning, especially for underrepresented students. But working as a team allows kids to empower each other and let all voices be heard.

The biggest math
party around

Discover Magical Math Moments

From the classroom to a community festival, we have you covered.
Math puzzles for all ages and skill levels.
Learn joyful math so you can spread it in your community.


Frequently asked questions

What is play-based math?

Kids mostly learn math sitting down, silently, using pencil and paper. Play-based math allows students to tackle activities with their creativity and perseverance — not memorized formulas or procedures. JRMF activities are both playful and educational.

Why does this matter? Play-based learning strengthens physical, cognitive, social and emotional health. Self-directed exploration increases a student’s creativity and problem-solving skills.

Do I need to have a math background to do and share joyful math?

You do not need a math background for joyful math. In fact, people with math anxiety are the ones we welcome the most! We want to show the world there is no such thing as a “math person,” and we do that through our offerings.

We provide free workshops, classroom visits, and consultations so that even if you don’t have a math background, you’ll find all of the resources and supports you need to bring joyful math to the kids in your life.

What is a math festival?

A math festival is a one-time event where children gather and explore math through puzzles. It’s the biggest math party around. 

Volunteers host our festivals, and we provide the resources you need to make it happen. Whether you want to host a mini-festival in a classroom, or put on an all-day math festival in community, our tiered festival models help you customize the event to your needs. Anyone who wants to create joyful math for children is welcome to host one.

Do math festivals have an age limit?

Joyful math can be fun for any age. We gear our activities toward 5 to 18-year-olds, and they really seem the most popular with kids ages 7-13.

However, everyone from toddlers to PhD-level mathematicians have fun exploring our activities. We specialize in “low-floor, high-ceiling” problems, meaning the puzzles are accessible for every age, skill level and background. 

How much does a Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival cost?

JRMF activities are free. We are a nonprofit that believes every child should experience joyful math. Philanthropic support from donors allows the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival to create magical math moments at no cost to you.

What's new at JRMF?

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Sep 08
Who is Julia Robinson?
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