Festival favors

Fun math on the go

Kids hold up festival favors

Four math games for kids
to play at school, home, or on the go

A festival favor is a kit of math games that allow students to do fun math at home or on the go.

Each kit contains a booklet with four activities — Frogs and Toads, Chameleon Island, Apple Picking, and Wolves and Sheep — and the tokens to play all four.

The kits are suitable for children in grades 3 to 8, but can be used for younger children with adult support.

Make Your Own Festival Favors

No budget to buy festival favors? No problem! Download our DIY instructions to make your own.

Free Favors for Santa Clara County, CA Title 1 Schools

Thanks to the Nordson Corporation, Title 1 schools in Santa Clara County, California are eligible to receive the festival favors for free. Due to a limited number of festival favors in stock, there is a limit of 30 festival favors per school.

Request free festival favors now.