Our Team - Tyler Knapp

Tyler Knapp

Director of Outreach, SF Bay Area

Tyler Knapp grew up in San Diego and graduated from San Francisco State University. While his journey into the wonderful world of mathematics is just beginning, its foundation was set in place long before he knew. Throughout high school, Tyler worked after school and on weekends at an old board-game store, developing a deep appreciation for games and puzzles. It was not until later in his college career that he realized the games he loved had roots in deeper mathematical ideas.

While attending SFSU, Tyler worked for Supplemental Instruction (SI) as an instructor for Calculus 1 and Calculus 2. SI is a series of one-unit courses supplementing the STEM major gatekeeper courses. One day, while preparing for his class, he saw someone with a vibrant blue jacket with SET cards on the back. SET was a game that Tyler had played for years at the game store. It was at this moment that he found the San Francisco Math Circle and was introduced to the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival.

Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival
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