Our Team - Hector Rosario

Hector Rosario

Director of Festivals

Hector Rosario is Courtesy Professor with the Department of Mathematics at the University of Florida and an award-winning teacher with a Ph.D. in mathematics education from Columbia University. His advisor, the legendary Bruce Vogeli, referred to him as “a real game changer” who was “one of the brightest students [he] had during [his] half century at Columbia University.” Hector has over two decades of teaching experience, including multiple K–12 settings, three prisons in North Carolina, and 12 years at the University of Puerto Rico (Mayagüez). He also co-founded the Chapel Hill Math Circle and founded the Triangle Math Teachers’ Circle in North Carolina.

Hector is the principal editor of the 17-country anthology Mathematics and Its Teaching in the Southern Americas (2015), the co-author of Math Makes Sense! A Constructivist Approach to the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics (2016), and the sole editor of Mathematical Outreach: Explorations in Social Justice Around the Globe (2019), all with World Scientific Publishing.

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