Our Team - Edna Jones

Edna Jones


Edna Jones is a mathematics Ph.D. student at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. Edna's area of specialty is number theory. Many of the research questions that interest Edna are generalizations of questions similar to the following: Which numbers are the sum of three perfect squares?

Edna graduated from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology with a Bachelors of Science degree in mathematics. During her freshman year of college, she was majoring in civil engineering and was a teaching assistant for the Computer Science and Software Engineering Department at Rose-Hulman. However, by the end of her freshman year of college, she discovered that she preferred proving theorems instead of merely applying them, so she switched her major to mathematics.

Edna has worked as a counselor for the Ross Mathematics Program and has volunteered in a sixth-grade mathematics classroom in New Jersey. While a graduate student at Rutgers, she has taught probability and linear algebra classes and has been a teaching assistant for pre-calculus and calculus classes.

Over the years, Edna has realized that many people view mathematics as computation and not as problem solving. She wants to help others truly understand that mathematics is more about problem solving and less about computation.

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