Our Team - Daniel Kline

Daniel Kline

Director of Activities

Daniel Kline grew up in San Jose, California and graduated from the University of Chicago with a BS in Mathematics. During his undergraduate years, he had the opportunity to study math education through the Budapest Semesters in Mathematics Education, a study abroad opportunity for North American undergraduate students in Budapest, Hungary. He saw for the first time the power and beauty of using games, puzzles, and other recreational activities to teach math concepts, and he knew that he wanted to bring these new ways of learning to kids who otherwise would never be exposed to this flavor of mathematics. 

Daniel has been able to bring the beauty of math into kids’ lives through various experiences, including supporting teachers and students during a service year with City Year San Jose, student teaching through UPenn’s UTAP program, and classroom teaching high school math students in San Jose. In all of these experiences, Daniel used chess, SET, Japanese-style logic puzzles, and everyday manipulatives like matchsticks and saltshakers to show kids that math lives and breathes all around us---all we need to know is where to look to bring out the hidden beauties math has to offer. Daniel hopes to continue to spread this perspective to kids of all ages and backgrounds through his work with the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival.

Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival
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